kachinKachin State has Myanmar’s highest snow-capped mountain forming the southern tip of the Himalayas, and Myanmar’s largest lake, Indawgyi. Kachin Hills are a heavily forested group of highlands in the extreme northeastern of Myanmar, inhabited by the Kachin or Jing paw, known on the Assam frontier as Singphos. About 50% of the total area of the Kachin land covers with hills and mountains up to the height of 5,881 m above the sea level.

Kachin land is rich in natural resources. Jades and teak-timbers are the best in quality and production of gold per unit area is the highest in the world. Jade mining is one of the lucrative businesses there and Hpa-Kant is the most popular Jade mining area. The land is covered with undisturbed natural forests. The rarest natural species like Black Orchids, White Pheasants, and golden fishes in the confluence of Mali and Nmai rivers are observed.

Daily Temperature ranges from 4 - 36 C with 60 - 95% Relative Humidity. Hill cities, like Putao, have a very low temperature ranging from -4 to 18 C with low humidity. The uppermost part of Kachin land including the most beautiful Plateaucity (Putao) falls in temperate zone. Annual rainfall ranges from 80 to 200 inches.

More rainfall has been observed in mountainous parts of the land. Estimated livings are about 6 million people including Non-Kachin. Bhamo, Moekaung, Putao, Moenyin, and Katha are the major cities of the Kachin land. KCH There are different kinds of people: Kachin, Ba Mar, Shan, Li Shu, Chinese, Indian, and others. They are living peacefully while exercising their own religions: Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism. There are churches, pagodas, and monasteries at many places. Official government statistics states that the distribution by religion is 57.8% Buddhist, 36.4% Christian.

The Kachin language is the lingua franca in the State, and has a written version based on the Roman alphabet. The Kachin language is a common among Kachin, but Myanmar is the national language. The Jing paw or Kachin people are an ethnic group who largely inhabit northern in Kachin State together with Maru (Lawngwaw), Lashi (Lachit), Zaiwa (Azi), Rawang, Lisu and five other sub-groups. These six major groups, including five other different sub-groups, are together known as Kachin.

They have same traditions, customs, dialects and practices. Kachin originated from Central Asia (Ka-ang Shingra). They migrated from Central Asia via Persia; Tashkent and Sarmakand (Southern Russia); Mongolia; Huhethot, Kan Su, Tsing Hai Districts, Yalo Tsangpo of Republic of China. Then they were back to the Tsing Hai District (China) and landed to the place called: Chengtu (China). Then they finally migrated to the present occupied land called the Kachin land measures about 33,903 square miles. It is only about 2670 years old that the Kachin live in the present land. They were explorers, and were moving along the riverbanks where they could find fertile lands. Jing paw, also called Kachin is spoken by 900,000 people in Myanmar and by 40,000 people in China. It is classified as Sino-Tibetan, Tibeto-Burman, Jingpo-Konyak-Bodo, Jingpo-Lu. Jingpo proper is also understood by many speakers of Tsaiwa. One standard language that is taught in China is based on the dialect of Enkun.

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