putao-01Putao, the city surrounded with snow peaked mountains stretching to Tibet in the northwest, is the gateway to Myanmar Himalaya. This area is famous for its Nature of originated Flora, especially there are many various kinds of orchids and even the world rarest Black orchids can be found in this area. Steep fields in the valleys around are cultivated. There are gardens of hill rice, maize and mixed with cereal crops, cucumbers, gourds and huge marrows. The higher region is populated with pine, hemlock and silver fir mixed with some larch.

From 2,750 meters to 3,660 meters almost pure conifer forests cover the slopes. There are abundance of hardwoods such as oak, maple, birch, walnut, chestnut as well as rhododendron and others. The trees such as different colors of Rhododendrons, Maple trees and various kinds of Bamboos are also seen in this area. Cold weather mist hangs over the peaceful and serene surroundings almost 6 months of the year. Flowing streams and rivulets, straw-roofed houses and fences of pebbles and creek stones provide a pleasant sight.

And for fauna, one of the rarest animal species, Takin (Budorcas Taxi color), Red Panda (Ailurus Fulgens), Black Bears, Black Deer, are all endemic to this region. Other terrestrial species of monkeys, boars, mountain goats can also be seen in this region. Various kinds of Butterflies can be seen in this area on the month of January. The Butterflies including such as an endangered species can be found, among them are Kaiser, Apollo, Bhutan, Glory and Bird-wings. January to April is the best months to see the butterflies, flowers and orchids in the icy forest.

There are also many different ethnic minority tribes in Kachin state. People of the Rawan, Lisu, Khamti-Shan, Jing paw and Kachin are represented in the region and they are simple, direct, hard working and hospitable. They make their living in the lower areas by growing paddy and fruits. The suspension bridges are the typical river crossing in this region.

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