Mergui Archipelago

myeikMergui is a gateway to the 800 offshore islands of the Mergui Archipelago which are famous for incredibly unspoiled beauty. Tourism in the area is just under developing state and this keeps the area very attractive as low impact tourism preserves the area's natural beauty.

The Salone people – famous name called “the sea gypsies” – are the only dwellers in that immense area; huts are erected on the small islands during the rainy season and stay in their small boat after the raining season. They are also famous as pearl divers.

Among the untouched stunning islands with diversities of flora and fauna, underwater scenes and marine life, Lampi island; Gt. Swinton (Kyun Phila);Pulau Beda (Nyaung Wee island); Kha Yin Khwa Kyun are the most prominent.Under the pristine clear water, by snorkeling one can observe the soft, hard andeven life corals, colorful reefs, fascinating topography, and various prolific fishes.

Mergui Archipelago (Myeik Kyunzu in Myanmar) locates at the southernmost of Myanmar in the Andaman Sea. It comprises over 800 beautiful islands of various sizes most of which are desert islands.

Geographically, the Archipelago is at the western side of the northern most tip of the Malay Peninsula. The isolation keeps the environment of the Archipelago untouched and virgin.The islands are covered with thick forests where great diversity of flora and fauna exists. Many of the islands' shorelines form nice beaches and coral reefs. Moken (Salone in Myanmar) - an ethnic minority also known as sea gypsies - are the only inhabitants of the Archipelago who spend most of their lives roaming the sea in small hand-crafted wooden boat called Kabang.

They are expert fishermen and divers with extensive knowledge of sea survival. Many parts of the Archipelago's underwater offer colorful reefs, awesome topography and various marine lives ranging from big fishes to invertebrates attract the snorkelers and divers.

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