Mt. Victoria (Nat Ma Taung)


Mt. Victoria (10,200 feet elevation) is the third highest mountain in Myanmar located between 21' 24' N and 93' 55' E, within Kanpetlet, Mindut and Matupi Townships in Chin State. It is a part of Himalayan Mountain Ranges and located at the western part of the country, covering 722.61 square kilometers.

This is the region of evergreen forest, deciduous forest, pine forest and hill savanna within those over two hundreds bird species are recorded. Moreover different species of reptiles and butterflies are still present. White-browed Nuthatch Sitta Victoriae is one of the endemic bird species of Myanmar which can only be found in this area . Mammals such as leopard, wild boar, wild cat, guar, and gibbon are still roaming around. Some rare flowers are found on the summit.

Rhododendron arboretum white, red and yellow is the famous and mark of Mount Victoria as well as Chin State. Trip to Mt. Victoria offers recreational opportunities as well as viewing of the natural mountain scenery, bird watching and observing the traditional and cultural heritage of Chin people and their ways of live. Most of the old ladies were thickly painted tattoo on their faces.


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