bagoBago formerly called Hantharwaddy, is situated 80 km north of Yangon. The legend had it that the place where Bago stands today submerged in the water. One day a small patch of land appeared above the sea and in the course of time the delta expended and nowadays known as Bago. The small patch of land today is known as Hinthagon hillock.

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Thanlyin (Syriam) & Kyauktan


Thanlyin (formerly called Syriam) is situated at the confluence of the Yangon and Bago Rivers. There were many Mon settlers and some immigrants from India, probably from the Orissa region hundreds of years ago.

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twantayA boat cruise to Twantay (24 km south-west of Yangon) along the canal takes about two hours. According to the Shwesandaw Pagoda’s history the most ancient name was "Kwunte" built by the great Mon kings. It lies at the east of Twantay canal which was dug during the time of British rule in Myanmar to be short navigation from Yangon.

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Ngwe Saung Beach


Ngwe Saung known as Silver Beach is located in Ayeyarwaddy Division - the delta region - facing the Bay of Bengal. Ngwe Saung is easily accessed by road, via Pathein, the capital of Ayeyarwaddy Division. This road is surrounded with tropical trees on its sides by crossing the shoulder of Western Yoma Mountain Ranges. The scenery at the beach is breathtakingly beautiful - long coastline stretched with beautiful coconut palm trees accompanied by mangroves.

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Chaung Thar Beach

chaungthar-beachChaung Thar Beach is one of the popular beaches in Myanmar located at the western coast of Myanmar facing to Bay of Bengal. The beach is 55 kilometers away from Pathein, the capital of Ayeyarwaddy Division and about 250 kilometers away from Yangon, the major tourist entry point of Myanmar.

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pyay-01Present Pyay is 290km north of Yangon. Myanmar people referred to Pyay as Sriketra whose existence is testified by the discoveries near the village of Hmawza, 8 km south of Pyay. Present Pyay is situated at the confluence of Ayeyarwaddy and Nawin Rivers, Pyay is at the east bank of Ayeyarwaddy River, the rich land of the Delta in the south and land of peanut, cotton, tobacco, sesame seed and toddy palm on the north. According to the legend, Buddha once sojourned on Pho Oo hill, a hill on the other side of the river.

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Pathein (Ayeyarwaddy Region)


Pathein, the capital of Ayeyarwaddy Division – the rice bowl of Myanmar, situates 190 kilometers west of Yangon on the eastern bank of a tributary of Ayeyarwaddy River. It is strategically located in a location which can be easily connected by motor road, boat and flight to many other cities. It is also the gateway to reach popular Chaung Thar beach and Ngwe Saung beach.

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Golden Rock (Kyaikhtiyo)

pyay-01Kyaikhtiyo means “the pagoda carried on the head of the hermit”. It is also called the Golden Rock. The pagoda is northeast from Yangon city – just 166 km to Camp Kim Pun – where the uphill trip to Kyaikhtiyo pagoda starts. It exists on the highest peak (1,102 meters above sea level) of the Paung Laung mountain range – 12 km from base Camp Kim Pun. Kyaikhtiyo is probably the second most famous and revered pagoda in Myanmar. According to the legend, eight years after attainment of Buddha-hood - probably in the year 574 BC, the monarch of the Devas (Celestial beings) personally chose the boulder thoroughly like the head of the hermit, who was practicing meditation nearby mountain, from the deep sea and placed it at the cliff of Kyaikhtiyo mountain. On top of this boulder three sacred litters Buddha’s hair maintained by the hermit was enshrined and later a small stupa was consecrated.

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